Your Questions Answered

How quickly will you find me a tenant?

Unfortunately no one can guarantee an exact time frame, but at Metro property management a lot of time money and effort have gone into ensuring that we advertise and promote your property in such a way to give it every opportunity to prove itself on the market.

Our experience has shown that one of the biggest contributing factors in the speed that a property rents and what it rents for is directly linked to the market place seeing the asking figure as representing value.

How much will my property rent for?

This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string? Without first seeing a property it is almost impossible to accurately say where the market would see that asking figure. What Metro property management can give you is a range showing other similar properties, what they have rented for and how they compare to your property. We will work with you to set the asking figure using this accurate market data. This will help to ensure that you maximise your return while on the same hand getting your property rented as quickly as possible.

How will you find me a tenant?

The first place we will go to find the tenant will be Metro property management database of qualified tenants. We also have many enquires each day from tenants looking for homes to rent.

Our own website at has become very popular for people looking to rent, because of it’s friendly easy to use layout and ease of access.

We also place your property on and (these are the two largest New Zealand property rental sites). and All of this combined presence gives your property massive local, national and worldwide exposure throwing the net really wide.

Metro property management puts a lot of effort into search engine optimisation to maximise our own website. This effort ensures that if some one is looking for a rental property in Dunedin that Metro property management and your rental property will nearly always appear in the search results.

We can also use Otago’s largest newspaper – The Otago Daily Times to advertise property. The Otago Daily Times is the largest and most commonly known newspaper in Otago.

Sign boards will be placed in a prominent position at your property if required. These are our 24 hour sales people.

We also run open homes and private appointments to ensure no one misses an opportunity to view your property.

How do you qualify tenants? The approval process.

Sometimes the first tenant is not the best tenant for your property.  Tenants should be selected on the basis that they meet the following criteria:

  • Ability to pay the rent

  • Ability to care for the property.

Prospective tenants must fill in a detailed tenancy application form, which, among other things, requires them to provide personal and rental references and proof of identity.

We have a face-to-face discussion with the person, which gives us a ‘feel’ for them. Long experience has taught us that this is invaluable.

We check our company database to see if the person is an existing or former tenant. We may also contact our local property managers network to verify the tenant’s history.

We contact all referees supplied on the tenancy application form. Our team is trained in the right questions to ask referees.

We run online checks with leading New Zealand credit-checking authorities.

Once the property manager obtains this information, they can discuss it with you to choose the best tenant.

When and how will I receive my money?

Metro property management forwards your rent to you twice a month, on the 15th of the month and on the last day of the month (or the first business day thereafter).

How is the money paid to me?

Metro property management pays by electronic transfer from our trust account to your nominated bank account. You receive monthly statements detailing the rent received for that month and any expenses incurred since your previous statement.

How do you collect the tenant’s rent?

The most common and the preferred method we use is by automatic payment from their bank account on the due date. However we still accommodate tenants who prefer to physically come into Metro property management and pay by cash, cheque or eftpos.

All of these options make it quick and easy for tenants to pay rent and reduce the possibility of arrears.

How safe is my rent money?

The rent money that we collect on your behalf is kept safe in our trust account until we pay it out to you twice every month.Metro property management’s trust account ensures everything is paid out correctly to the owners that it belongs to. Metro property management’s trust account is non-interest bearing.

What happens if the tenant does not pay their rent on time?

At Metro property management we have a zero tolerence for unpaid rent that is due. We follow very clear and precise legal processes to get the rent paid.

Every day all rent owing is systematically checked. If the rent is not paid on the due day we contact the tenant in an effort to find a quick and easy resolution.  At this time we also remind them that they are required to pay the rent on time, for the correct amount, in the manner prescribed in the tenancy agreement. Failure to do so is a breach of the agreement, and the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. This action normally results in the rent being paid. However if it is not, then the tenant is given a notice to remedy the breach. For most tenancies the notice gives 14 days to remedy this breach.

An application for order of the Tenancy Tribunal due to rent arrears can be filed as soon as the tenant has been served with a notice to remedy. Mediation would then be scheduled to take place shortly after the expiry of the notice to remedy.

If the tenant should fall at least 21 days in arrears, or fails to comply with a notice to remedy the breach, Metro property management will apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to recover the rent owing, and for termination of the tenancy.

Can you guarantee that the tenant will not damage my property?

Unfortunately not, however

At Metro property management we go to a lot of time and effort to ensure the right choice is made before the tenancy commences. Many many years of experience has given us a very keen feel for this. Before choosing the tenant, we will have discussed all the applications on your property & checked all the relevant references. However circumstances can change over time.

Three different types of inspections are carried out by us to minimise any problems that may arise from tenant damage to the property.

  1. The first is the Inventory on the property condition. We complete this prior to the commencement of the tenancy. The tenant is given a copy to approve. Any discrepancies are resolved at this time rather than at the end of the tenancy.
  2. Another type of inspection is a Routine or Periodic Inspection. We generally do four of these a year. The purpose of these reports is to see how the tenant is keeping the property, report any repairs or maintenance needed and report back to the owner on these items and offer solutions. Digital photos can be used in these reports as well as written information.
  3. Lastly, the Final or Bond Inspection is carried out once the tenant has vacated the property. The first Inventory on the properties condition is used for this. The current condition of the property is compared to that on the original report. Allowances are made for reasonable wear and tear to the premises.

If the tenant has damaged the property, for example there is a red wine stain on the carpet, you can make a claim from the tenant for compensation taking into consideration depreciation and the size of the stain.

If the tenant disputes this amount, the property manager can claim it from the tenant’s bond. If the tenant again disputes the claim, the property manager will need to meet the tenant at the Tenancy Tribunal to have the matter heard and decided on before a Tribunal member.

How are repairs and maintenance handled?

We normally have an expenditure limit, so we may action small repairs without disturbing you each time.

Major repairs will be discussed with you first. Quotes will be obtained first to ensure the correct work is being carried out, by the best tradesperson, at the best fee.

Urgent repairs outlined in the Tenancy Agreement, such as burst sewers or hot water services, must be acted upon regardless of the whether the property manager has been able to reach you.

You may also nominate your own tradesperson if you have a friend, family member or a regular tradesperson that you feel confident in. However keep in mind that repairs need to be actioned quickly.

How often will I hear from you?

That will depend on your preference. If you want to hear from us every time something occurs with the tenancy then we can do that. However most owners prefer us to handle situations with their best interests in mind?

You can advise us of your expectations to avoid confusion. Also we can discuss your preferred method of communication – is it by email, your home phone, your mobile?

Will I lose control of my property if I give it to you to manage?

The very short answer is, No.

If you want full involvement in your property management, then we are happy to work with that. Some owners prefer us to handle everything, the most involvement they want is to see their rent money in their accounts each month. Other owners want to be involved in organising repairs etc. Please keep in mind that the true purpose of our service is about you having none of the hassels – with total piece of mind. Just advise us at the beginning of the relationship how you would like us to work with you.

How much will it cost me to have you manage my property?

You need to decide what you want from a property manager. We make every effort to keep our fees as low as we can but we do not wish to compromise the service we offer either.

Phone us today to discuss your individual needs. You may be surprised just how inexpensive it is for Metro property management to take care of everything for you.

How experienced are the property managers at Metro property management?

At Metro property management we pride ourselves on the strength, longevity and expertise of the team. From management to reception every one is trained and skilled in their role. Some of the property managers at Metro property management have over ten years of practical experience, with most having not less than five years experience.

What documents do I need to sign and why?

The Management Agency Agreement – This agreement is about you, authorising Metro property management to act as your agent in all matters that are noted in relation to the management of your property. We cannot legally act on your behalf without you authorising this document.

Casual Agency Agreement – This is used if your arrangement with Metro property management is only about us finding you a tenant and you managing the property your self.

Residential Tenancy Agreement – This is the lease. It is an agreement between you and the tenant to allow the tenant to occupy your premises for a specific period, for a specific amount of rent, with specific terms and conditions. We sign this agreement on your behalf.

Do I require insurance on the property?

Yes at all times. It is highly important that you protect your rental property with insurance cover.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have their belongings insured.

What type of technology does your office use?

Metro property management boast one of the most comprehensive Property Management computer software packages available in Australasia; ensuring all information regarding your investment is available at the touch of a button.

Your information, details and accounts are as important to us as they are to you. We therefore operate a cloud based back up system. This directs all the information to a bomb proof vault some were in America. We are told this could withstand a nuclear attack,lets hope we never have to find out. You can be assured that if ever the worst should occur then we have done all we can to ensure all your records are safe, and that we could be up and operating again as quickly as possible.

Each staff member at Metro property management have their own computer and phone that is linked to the office software. Our system is stored in the Cloud and our staff members can access our system at any time.

Metro property management use email and also SMS for communications as many owners now prefer this. We can still communicate with you by phone and snail-mail if you would prefer.

Owners have direct access to all their latest payments, inspection reports and accounts via our online owner login area that is available 24/7.

Metro property management utilise leading edge digital phones with all the property and tenant details loaded. These phones are also used for doing property inspection reports that are emailed directly to you with photos if required.

Metro property management make extensive use of the web for information and help for owners and tenants.