Property Management Services

We are ready right now to get on with the business of making your rental property hassle free so you have more time to do what you would rather be doing.

All we do at Metro property management is manage rental properties. And when you focus on that one thing you get really good at it.

Metro property management is a private, locally owned business, that for more than 25 years has only been managing and tenanting Dunedin rental properties.

Metro property management is is a trusted, time honoured, reputable company that offers a comprehensive, hassle-free service.

You are assigned your own personal property manager who is dedicated to all aspects of the day-to-day management of your property. Your property manager liaises with you regularly to ensure your requirements are met and is available at short notice to answer any queries or address any concerns you may have.

To effectively manage and care for your property and tenants takes a lot of work. On your behalf we will:
  • A full written inventory is prepared for your property before the tenancy begins.
  • All your prospective tenants are thoroughly screened, including carrying out personal interviews and checks on our Tenancy Database (for bad tenants) and with New Zealand’s leading credit agencies (for bad debts and credit ratings).
  • Draw up the tenancy agreement for your property. Our team writes literally hundreds of leases each year.
  • Forward and lodge the bond money that we collect on your behalf to Tenancy Services.
  • Arrange for your rent to be paid by automatic bank payment. Computer alerts tell us if tenants get into arrears, which enables us to take immediate remedial action. We operate a zero tolerance for rent arrears.
  • Maintain up-to-date market rental information.
  • Review your rents regularly and maintain them at current market levels.
  • Your property will be inspected regularly. We usually do this for you four times a year.
  • We keep digital photos of your property recording the condition prior to the tenancy beginning.
  • We will supply you with property inspections and maintenance reports.
  • For your peace of mind we only engage reputable, reliable and trusted tradespeople to carry out any maintenance on your property.
  • We will advertise for new tenants when required, including having photographs taken.
  • Your property will be placed on New Zealand’s leading rental property web sites including our own, and Listings are updated daily.
  • On your behalf we will handle all aspects of mediation and Tenancy Tribunal hearings.
  • For you convenience and hassle free experience we can also organise to pay all the property related accounts for you.
  • We spend a lot of time talking with rental property owners, and conduct ongoing research on their needs and expectations in order to improve the services we offer.

This list is not exhaustive. We provide additional services on request – tell us your requirements!

Selecting the best tenant for you

For many of our customers, this is one of the major reasons they choose to use our property management services.

To ensure the best tenant is placed in your property we have a very thorough and particular selection process that sets the corner stone of your tenancy.

We can’t 100% guarantee that tenants will act well, but we can minimise the risk to you.

  • No prospective tenant will be offered a lease until these procedures are completed to our satisfaction.
  • Your prospective tenants must fill in a detailed tenancy application form, which, among other things, requires them to provide personal and rental references and proof of identity.
  • We have a face-to-face discussion with the person, which gives us a ‘feel’ for them. Long experience has taught us that this is invaluable.
  • We check our company database to see if the person is an existing or former tenant. We may also contact our local property managers network to verify the tenant’s history.
  • All referees that are supplied on the tenancy application form are contacted. Our team is trained in the right questions to ask referees.
  • We run an online credit check with New Zealand’s leading credit-checking authorities.
  • We also perform a Personal Property Security (PPSR) check on all applicants. This provides details on everything a person has on finance, such as vehicles, hire purchase etc. This gives us a clear idea of an applicants ability to afford a tenancy.
  • Further checks are done with our managed tenancy database of delinquent or problematic tenants.
  • We collect your bond and lodge it with Tenancy Services.
  • We offer property owners the opportunity to approve prospective tenants.
We keep you informed.

Our specialised property management software gives us access to all information about your property at the touch of a button. It allows us to:

send e-mails, SMS alerts and messages to you and your tenants and is regularly updated to ensure we offer you the most recent advances in reporting.

  • We inspect your property internally and externally at least four times a year. We then give you a concise written report on the general condition of the property and the manner in which the tenants are maintaining it as provided for in the tenancy agreement.
  • Twice a month we transfer rent that we have collected on your behalf into your own bank account. We do this on the 15th and the end of each month (or the first business day thereafter). This is transferred to you by electronic transfer from our audited trust account.
  • You will receive monthly statements detailing the rent paid for the month and any expenses incurred since your previous statement.
  • You are provided with detailed annual statements that can be used for accounting purposes and year-end tax returns.
  • We project your expenditure for the upcoming financial year, and make recommendations on rent increases and lease renewals.
  • All communication takes place through your personal property manager, who keeps you up to date on the management of your property.