Can you guarantee that the tenant will not damage my property?

Unfortunately not, however

At Metro property management we go to a lot of time and effort to ensure the right choice is made before the tenancy commences. Many many years of experience has given us a very keen feel for this. Before choosing the tenant, we will have discussed all the applications on your property & checked all the relevant references. However circumstances can change over time.

Three different types of inspections are carried out by us to minimise any problems that may arise from tenant damage to the property.

  1. The first is the Inventory on the property condition. We complete this prior to the commencement of the tenancy. The tenant is given a copy to approve. Any discrepancies are resolved at this time rather than at the end of the tenancy.
  2. Another type of inspection is a Routine or Periodic Inspection. We generally do four of these a year. The purpose of these reports is to see how the tenant is keeping the property, report any repairs or maintenance needed and report back to the owner on these items and offer solutions. Digital photos can be used in these reports as well as written information.
  3. Lastly, the Final or Bond Inspection is carried out once the tenant has vacated the property. The first Inventory on the properties condition is used for this. The current condition of the property is compared to that on the original report. Allowances are made for reasonable wear and tear to the premises.

If the tenant has damaged the property, for example there is a red wine stain on the carpet, you can make a claim from the tenant for compensation taking into consideration depreciation and the size of the stain.

If the tenant disputes this amount, the property manager can claim it from the tenant’s bond. If the tenant again disputes the claim, the property manager will need to meet the tenant at the Tenancy Tribunal to have the matter heard and decided on before a Tribunal member.