What type of technology does your office use?

Metro property management boast one of the most comprehensive Property Management computer software packages available in Australasia; ensuring all information regarding your investment is available at the touch of a button.

Your information, details and accounts are as important to us as they are to you. We therefore operate a cloud based back up system. This directs all the information to a bomb proof vault some were in America. We are told this could withstand a nuclear attack,lets hope we never have to find out. You can be assured that if ever the worst should occur then we have done all we can to ensure all your records are safe, and that we could be up and operating again as quickly as possible.

Each staff member at Metro property management have their own computer and phone that is linked to the office software. Our system is stored in the Cloud and our staff members can access our system at any time.

Metro property management use email and also SMS for communications as many owners now prefer this. We can still communicate with you by phone and snail-mail if you would prefer.

Owners have direct access to all their latest payments, inspection reports and accounts via our online owner login area that is available 24/7.

Metro property management utilise leading edge digital phones with all the property and tenant details loaded. These phones are also used for doing property inspection reports that are emailed directly to you with photos if required.

Metro property management make extensive use of the web for information and help for owners and tenants.