About Us

At Metro Property Management, managing people's investment property is not a sideline – it's all we do.

Tom Sharp

Business Development Manager

Phone: (03) 474-7082

Email: toms@metrorealty.co.nz

Tom is the person to speak with if you are looking for a 'property management company'. At Metro property management we can take total care of everything to do with managing your rental property. Speak with Tom to hear just how easy and cost effective it is to have Metro property management look after every thing for you. Tom fully understands the problems landlords can come up against, and how to keep tenants happy in the property. Tom is dedicated and enthusiastic about working in the property management field.

Grant Kelly

Property Manager

Phone: (03) 474-7083

Email: grantk@metrorealty.co.nz

Grant is an experienced property manager. He has dealt with both student investment rentals and residential properties. He is experienced in all of areas of management, including handling arrears, arbitration, letting and maintenance. His professional management background will ensure your investment and home are managed better than your could do it yourself.

Janette Sharp

Property Manager

Phone: (03) 474-7087

Email: janettes@metrorealty.co.nz

Janette originally started at our reception desk but quickly proved her ability to help in dealing with the day to day matters and to assist the other property managers in delivering the exceptional service that Metro property management is known for.

Izzy Proctor


Phone: (03) 477-8315

Email: rent@metrorealty.co.nz

Given the high volume of inquiries made, the person on the spot needs empathy and enthusiasm- Izzy brings both attributes to the job. Izzy also keeps track and follows up with new management as they become available. Some of her administration duties include daily checks on rent payments, drawing up tenancy agreements, advertising of properties, daily bank reconciliation and supporting the other property managers. Izzy enjoys a good clean joke and has a passion for animals.